About us
The team make all the difference.

You rate us by our performance.

The company

We have been at it for over 25 years!

SGI Guarantee Acceptances a Division of Constantia Insurance Co Ltd is an Underwriter specialising in all facets of the Guarantee Industry.

SGI Guarantee Acceptances was previously a separate legal entity that acted as an Underwriting Manager for Constantia Insurance Co Ltd. However, as a result of the implementation of the new Binder Regulation which would have negatively effective the operational capacity of the UMA, in January 2013, SGIGA started to trade as a Division of Constantia Insurance Co Ltd where all the issued bonds were placed in “run off” and new business was underwritten as a Division of Constantia Insurance Co Ltd.

We believe the collaboration, of Constantia Insurance Co Ltd a company incorporated in 1952 and 61 years of existence in the South African Market and SGI Guarantee Acceptances a company in existence since 1987 i.e 26 years, to be a Positive change and strengthens our presence in the market.

As a result of this change, most of the staff including its Management and Leadership was transferred to the Division of CICL. The legal entity has changed its name to Unison Guarantee Acceptances (Pty) Ltd and provides a Back Office support services to the Division.

This major Positive change has not changed who we are as a Guarantee Underwriter. It has enhanced our capacity to deal either directly with clients or via Brokers.

As a Division we believe in establishing long term relationships with all stakeholders in the Industry,.

We are known and respected for our stability in continuously supporting the guarantee market due to our considered Underwriting Approach which has resulted in a deserved reputation for reliability amongst our clients.

Our offices still remain in Randburg, where it has operated for the last 26 years.

The people

Our people make our world go round.

All the staff of the division are well trained, efficient, helpful and caring. We encourage our staff to create friendships with our Clients. If you know someone, even just a little bit, it can make such a difference to the working relationship.

Our management

The guidance, leadership and management

Robert Shaw oversees the activities of the Division. Robert has had over 40 years’ experience in the South African Insurance Industry.

Lucien Mundie has been the General Manager of the Division and is responsible for all the day to day management activities of the Division. Lucien has had over 15 years’ experience in the South African Guarantee Industry.

The Division is also guided by the rest of the Management of Constantia Insurance Co Ltd